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Sideeq cooperative is a new hypermarket in Kuwait. It is a hypermarket that is installed with all the latest equipment including the latest series of 5mp cameras with starlight function from Tiandy. They come along with tiandy and purpose a great and latest solution as per the need of the Sideeq cooperative team.



The most important thing about any hypermarket is to cover all sections without any loop in the survivance system.

We design and provide a solution for tiandy system with starlight cameras and PTZ so they have coverage for each area from Parking/loading offloading and complete coverage for the entire hypermarket.

The most beautiful about the starlight series they have all possible functions in one camera like face capture and many others. If any client needs all these functions, they have to install all systems with different NVR and software with different types of cameras. But Tiandy has all functions in one camera and NVR.



Tiandy cameras delivered the below benefits and making big difference with other competitors.

· Better Clarity

· Better Image Quality.

· Best Performance in low light and no lights.

· High performance in durability.

· Keep updating and upgrading system with all customer need.

11 January 2021

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