Safe Nation in Ecuador

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Safe Nation in Ecuador, 2012

We Want a Peaceful Country

Ecuador, a beautiful country lies along the Pacific Ocean, with 16million people and rich natural resources. Insecurity and unpeace was the biggest obstacle to fast development. With a strong ambition to develop their economy and to offer a safe and peaceful living environment to their citizens, the Ecuador government looks for professional surveillance system.

Tiandy Is Your Choice

Tiandy partners offers a complete solution for this beautiful country, called “safety country project” , applied 300 sets of TC-NH6218, 2 sets of TC-R31680,and 10 TC-R3420 to offer the best and thorough protection to their people, the major junctions are installed Tiandy PTZ to have a panoramic view to prevent potential crimes or record ongoing accidents. This is a huge project and part of it have already put into use.

Now a major part of it have put into operation and been protecting its citizens. In 2015, Ecuador’s murder rate reaches historic lowest point! We are glad to see the achievements in Ecuador and we will commit to bring more breakthroughs for security surveillance industries to fulfill our mission of “Vision for World!”


11 January 2021

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