Thailand hospital project

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 Hospital project in Thailand




Kalasin hospital is newly arranged in Thailand, designed to be a highly modernized hospital with many departments and stuff, Tiandy participated in the very beginning to help customer keep stuffs and patients well classified, make sure all the jobs are well operated under proper circumstances, keep the people well-protected inside and outside of hospital.




Tiandy offered Super Starlight solution, AI classification solution and E-warning technology to make sure the big hospital running under well-arranged conditions, Super starlight will keep every corner under control even in the darkness night, AI classification will warning for the people who take the emergency road or ambulance parking area, E-warning working as a E-guard with AEW PTZ, warning while tracking the people who enter restrict area illegally.





Kalasin hospital is running properly with many patients and doctors go in or out of the hospital 24hours each day, most of the potential risks are well noticed and cleared up before it lead in any losses.




11 January 2021

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