Border Defense in Turkey

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Hatay, Turkey, 2018


Safe Border, Safe Country.

The border between Turkey and Syria is about 822 km long. In the west, it surrounds the Turkish Hatay Province, follows the course of the Orontes River and finally reaches the Mediterranean sea at the foot of Jebel Aqra. Since the Syrian Civil War broke out in 2011, tensions across the border has increased, and plenty of refugees flew from Syria to Turkey. Border security becomes more and more severe, how to build a professional surveillance system to ensure a better and safer living environment for its citizens becomes a unavoidable problem.


Tiandy Answers its Call for Help

Turkey military finally turned to Tiandy. After a thorough consultation and discussion, They agreed Tiandy‘s proposition to install 76pcs TC-NH91644ISA-G 360 degree Panoramic camera with its combined 8 fixed 2MP cameras and 44x optical zoom PTZ camera and 26pcs ultra-long distance PTZ TC-LS3000S6-2MP-A  which can reach 9KM at day and 3KM at night to cover 76pcs towers along the boarder. Further more, Tiandy NVR triples the protection for data. First, ANR enables footage to store in the SD card of PTZ in case of outage and NVR retrieves video from SD card once power restored. Second, N+M hot standby can appoint any NVRs as standby machine which can replace any NVRs in trouble immediately. Third, Raid function can protect hard disk perfectly.    

Tiandy HD IP surveillance system provided full view to the Turkey boarder in the key sites. With clear, real-time video recording events, the defense was able to respond strategically to incidents and deploy only the necessary resources required to provide better military control and cost-savings. The officers also enjoyed faster access to critical information. Compared with traditional cameras, Tiandy panoramic PTZ can provide much wider view of picture and long range PTZ can see the suspicious objects from much longer distance, which makes the military well prepared before the incidents.



“We appreciate having Tiandy, a responsible and professional company, as our partner. The clients were unfamiliar with the new system at beginning, but Tiandy’s team helped solve the problems and give us training with expertness and effectiveness.” said system integrator of Tiandy partner in Hatay.


11 January 2021

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