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Badur Bogazici Evleri project is bringing a new aspect to the construction field. It combines the comfort with chic with the highest quality. The project is owned by Polat Insaat and is rising on one of the most famous districts of Istanbul, in Besiktas. It need to build up a professional video surveillance system to capture better image quality, speed up response times and ensure greater overall protection for building occupants.

Install a complete Tiandy security solution, including high-definition cameras that provide exceptional image detail and video analytics as well as Tiandy NVR and VMS management software.

To gain the level of protection they were looking for, the property developer worked with system integrator to install a full Tiandy security solution. This included 252pcs Tiandy starlight VF bullets and 48pcs starlight VF domes, 2pcs Tiandy 320-ch super NVR as well as Tiandy Easy7 VMS video management software.
Along with providing enhanced 24hr colorful image quality powered by Tiandy TVP starlight technology, the new cameras are equipped with video analytics that include loitering detection, automatically detecting people who linger in an area past a certain time threshold and alerting security operators. The durability of the HD Dome cameras has discouraged attempts to vandalize them, while it have helped expand coverage to areas where surveillance was once limited because of tough viewing angles. The extra Tiandy super NVR with dual power supply can be prepared as a redundant NVR, with ANR function which can make camera to store footage in the camera once sudden outage and then transmit the video to NVR with restoring electricity again. With these multiple protections the system can keep running in a total secure environment.

Secure and Successful
To date, the benefits of the Tiandy solutions implemented have been substantial.

“We have seen a dramatic 70 percent reduction of crime in our community since installing Tiandy’s surveillance system. With Tiandy’s self-learning video analytics and clear video, we able to quickly and effectively find the critical evidence we need to assist security personnel, helping make our neighborhood a safer place,” said the security manager of Securitas in Badur Bogazici Evleri community.

16 May 2019

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